Designed Power offers a multitude of product related services. With access to a diverse group of service organizations, DP can provide customized field service offerings specific to your precise needs. Partnering with companies like ABB, Dis-Tran, Eaton Powerware, IEM, and EMICC gives Designed Power a competitive edge when it comes to system configurations, performance improvement, or increased value of existing equipment through full technical restoration, upgrades, retrofits, modernization and complete component analysis.

UPS Services:

Commissioning and preventive maintenance plans are some of the keys to achieving maximum performance from your critical power equipment. Initiating a preventive maintenance service plan for your UPS can often times help detect a wide range of potential problems before they become serious issues. Whether you need battery replacements or annual maintenance, DP has a range of options to suit your needs and budget. Proactive solutions like contracted annual maintenance can provide guaranteed call-out response times and reduced overall cost of services.

Engineering Field Services:

Designed Power offers support for a wide array of industry sectors including Telecom, IT, Industrial, Financial, and Government institutions with proven around-the-clock coverage. With a variety of service plans tailored to meet your unique needs, Designed Power is well positioned to assess and recommend a power protection plan that is specifically designed for your organization. Whether it is an existing system upgrade, relay test, retrofit, or roll-in replacement, we can implement innovative strategies or creative solutions for unique or unusual situations.