Designed Power has in depth, ongoing relationships with a wide variety of manufacturers and sources. DP has key partnering relationships, spanning decades in some cases, with the brands shown below. Please note that because of varied territorial boundaries, not all products or brands shown are available from DP in all locations.

  • ABB
    A proven leader in electrical engineering, committed to maximizing electrical power effectiveness and industrial productivity.
  • AETI
    Custom motor control, drives, and switchgear.
  • The Alpha Group
    The Alpha Group:
    An alliance of independent companies dedicated to developing and manufacturing total power solutions.
  • Ametek HDR Power Systems
    Ametek HDR Power Systems:
    A proven industry whose process control solutions service a broad spectrum of industrial markets.
  • BCI Technologies
    BCI Technologies:
    Manufacturer of the SCADA Power RICH System specifically designed for power monitoring and control systems.
    An elite supplier of packaged substations, steel transmission structures, steel substation structures and wood distribution crossarms.
  • ESS Metron
    ESS Metron:
    Custom switchgear and controls.
  • Electrical Machinery Industrial Controls Corporation
    Electrical Machinery Industrial Controls Corporation:
    Independent manufacturer and service provider for control equipment, maintenance, and custom retrofits.
  • Industrial Electric Mfg
    Industrial Electric Mfg:
    The nation's largest independent full-line manufacturer of electrical distribution and power quality equipment.
  • La Marche
    La Marche:
    A well established leader in providing reliable power conversion products, including industrial battery chargers, rectifiers, power supplies, inverters and more.
  • Mirus International Inc.
    Mirus International Inc.:
    An industry leader in designing and developing world class harmonic mitigation products for mission critical operations.
  • Powell Industries Inc.
    Powell Industries Inc.:
    A leader in the manufacturing of the SF6 switch.
  • Shallbetter
    A manufacturer known for design and engineering, and a fully-integrated manufacturing process of switchgear solutions for mission-critical power quality.
  • ZBB Energy Corporation
    ZBB Energy Corporation:
    Provides advanced electrical energy storage targeted at the growing global need for distributed renewable energy and grid modernization.